« Peace cannot be achieve by violence, it only can be by attained through understanding » said Ralph Waldo Emerson two centuries ago. Last weeks, we spend plenty of time with a member of an inspirational international organization (IPYG : International Peace Youth Group) founded in Seoul – Korea. Today there are in 101 countries and are in the pursuit of high goals, the first one : World Peace. How to achieve it ? 


1st step : check this out


2nd step : understand the actions 

1) What is the main purpose of IPYG?

Our goal is putting an end to wars and realizing world peace. On May 25th 2013, Chairman Lee of HWPL announced the Declaration of World Peace where he emphasized the role of youths by saying “We call on all youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by agreeing not to fight one another.” Following this message, we became one with youths around the world under the name of IPYG and are working for cessation of war and world peace. One of our main initiatives now is mobilizing youths to urge for implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War announced in March, 2016.


2) How did this initiative start and what made you decide to tackle such a big issue?

Chairman Lee of HWPL emphasised the need for implementation of international law for cessation of war and world peace for the first time through the Declaration of World Peace announced in May 25th, 2013. On September 18th, 2014, World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Summit was held with former and current presidents, youth leaders, women leaders and media professionals – about 200,000 participants in total – around the world in attendance. At the event, leaders of the world signed on the Agreement to propose the enactment of an international law for the cessation of war and world peace.


A year later on September 18th, 2015, the First Commemoration of WARP Summit was held where the first draft of “The convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and armed conflicts” written by HWPL Advisory Council members was announced as promised a year before in the WARP Summit 2014. At the event, HWPL International Law Peace Committee was launched with voluntary participation of international law experts around the world. After a series of official and unofficial meetings, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War comprising 10 articles and 38 sections was completed in March, 2016.

On March 14th, 2016, Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War was held. With over a thousand political leaders, youth leaders, women leaders and media professionals from 59 different countries in attendance, HWPL announced the Declaration and urged for support of people around the world.

So it could be said that the initiative started from the Declaration of World Peace back in 2013. Though it would not be easy to convince people around the world and gather their signs, we saw that the Declaration of World Peace did not just remain as a text but was brought into reality in a matter of three years. Therefore, we are sure that, as long as each sector plays its role fully, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War would also lead to implementation of international law.


3) I saw you have many supporters around the world – including some important people. How long have you been going around the world to convince people in different countries ?

The biggest reason we have been able to gain support of these influential people around the world is, HWPL peace tours by Chairman Lee and second, delegates are working abroad. Through a series of peace tours, Chairman Lee met with people from various positions – such as current and former presidents, religious leaders, and youth leaders – and emphasized each person’s role in realizing peace.


Chairman Lee’s Another goal is trying to reach all people through by delivering messages of peace. And let them know that the peaceful world, where they could fully realize their dreams, is the best inheritance of the youths, When Chairman Lee was young, he fought as a frontline combatant in the Korean War and witnessed numerous comrades of his age were being killed in battles. Since then, he has been working all his life to end wars. Most of the current and former presidents, chief justices and other distinguished experts are started working with HWPL and us from when they met Chairman Lee during his peace tours.

4) How many people around the world are supporting your organization? How are you keeping in touch with them since 2013?

IPYG has 2.4 million members from 660 organizations from 97 countries as of now and they are working with us to carry out the fruitful peace activities. There are directors in charge of each continent and country. A lot of volunteers are working with us as well. We mainly communicate through e-mails, phone calls and online meetings. We also utilize social networking services such as Facebook and What’sapp. We continue to maintain frequent communication and exchange of thoughts by carrying out various projects and by participating in each other’s events.


5) What is expected from France?

The first thing we must do is the enactment of HWPL International Law as an enforceable law. Moreover urging and monitoring by civil society – whether the law is being followed or not – is important.

True peace can only be defined when its people are actively participating. As the peace written in HWPL International Law is an activity of voluntary peace from people, I hope France can be involved in this signing campaign along with the rest of our global community.

Let us stand together to support and implement the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to be enacted.

IPYG: « Our goal putting an end to wars and realizing world peace »


6) Which are your organisation main activities ?

IPYG is hosting 5 projects  in each of the countries.

-Peace walk : some step, different value, The youth march for peace

-Peace academy :The greatest inheritance to our future generations, peace education

-Law of peace: for the establishment of a law for peace, a law which will save lives

– 525hifive: The most valuable hands of peace in the world.  hashtag #525Hifive

-peace zone: A place without disputes, conflicts, or wars; a place where peace exists

Currently, we are working together with youths, professors, the presidential chairs and the women leaders to realize these activities to support HWPL International Law, and the establishment of Peace Academy.

We are holding the HWPL Establishment Ceremony with specific methods in each country along with the signing campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to implement the declaration to make it practical solution to achieving world peace by receiving the signatures from many people.

7) We are certain of the stature of this project. How about letting our French readers realize the reasons to believe in a world of peace?

I want to share with you the story of the Mindanao Island of Philippines in 2013. For over 40 years, there had been endless conflict between Catholic and Islam resulting more than 120,000 casualties

Chairman Lee visited this battlefield and met the two representatives of each denomination, including the residents of Mindanao. He emphasized the importance of peace which led the representatives of Catholic and Islam to sign the peace treaty to cease all wars.

It is not easy for the newly established private NGO organization to do such thing, when even the government and other peace activists gave up on this conflict in Mindanao Island.


8)How can our readers help you ?

We are proceeding the peace signing campaign through online page (http://peacelaw.org/site/pledge) and offline (seminars, etc.). The goal of this signing campaign is to have an international agreement to make the declaration to be an effective international law.

When you access to peacelaw.org, you can see motive and goal of the declaration of HWPL international law preamble, and the declaration of peace and cessation of war that is made up of 10 articles and 38 clauses. You could read through on the website and also do the signing.

This signing campaign is just not for showing certain numbers but it has meaning that you actually donate yourself to the peace. You may think that nothing is going to change even if you participate in this signing, but what signatures represent is one person’s sincere heart for peace. I expect you to show your sincerity through this peace signing campaign.


3rd step : take a stand 

Help us pursuing that goal here : http://peacelaw.org/site/pledge

IPYG: « Our goal is putting an end to wars and realizing world …

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